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The Integrated Research on Disaster Risk International Programme Office has designated the HVRI as an International Centre of Excellence on Vulnerability and Resilience Metrics. The IRDR Centres of Excellence collectively embody an integrated approach to disaster risk reduction.

Kevin Ash and Ronnie Schumann have both been awarded DDRI Grants from the National Science Foundation! Check out Kevin's work on Mobile Home Residents and Tornadoes and Ronnie's work on Place Recovery on the Mississippi Coast

To conduct basic research on hazard vulnerability and resilience; train the next generation of hazard scientists and practitioners; and through its outreach efforts, assist in the improvement of emergency preparedness, planning, response, and recovery at local, state, national, and international scales.

The 1989 Hillsborough Stadium Disaster

On April 15, 1989, the worst stadium disaster to ever occur in England took place at Hillsborough Stadium, home to the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, in Sheffield, England. On that day, English football clubs Liverpool and Nottingham Forest were scheduled to play each other in a Football Association (FA) Cup semifinal game. The FA Cup, a tournament that includes football clubs from all divisions of English football, used to hold its semifinal and final matches at neutral sites. Overcrowding and poor crowd control led to the pressing of many fans against barriers in the Liverpool section of the stadium as the match began. The crush of fans killed 96 people, and injured an additional 766.




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