Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute (HVRI)


Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI®) for the United States - 32 Variable Data

Below, you can find data created through Social Vulnerability Index at the county level. The following elements are presented here:

  1. SoVI® Score (32): The score using the version of SoVI® 2000 with 32 variables. This calculation does not include built environment variables.
  2. National Percentile (32): Where the county's SoVI® 32 score ranks in comparison with the rest of the nation.For example: Richland County, SC's SoVI® 32 score is higher than 75.6% (.756 x 100) of the nation.

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IDStateCountySoVI Score (32)Nat'l Percentile (32)
1AlabamaAutauga County-1.329380.18
2AlabamaBaldwin County-1.564670.159
3AlabamaBarbour County-0.057470.333
4AlabamaBibb County-2.02520.128
5AlabamaBlount County-2.376830.106
6AlabamaBullock County1.772680.66
7AlabamaButler County2.977790.829
8AlabamaCalhoun County0.584280.449
9AlabamaChambers County2.123010.713
10AlabamaCherokee County-1.065980.204