Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute (HVRI)


HVRI Staff

Administrative Staff

Susan L. Cutter, Director
Christopher T. Emrich, Associate Director
Melanie Gall, Research Associate
Charlie Faucette, Administrative Assistant
Megan Warner, Researcher

Faculty and Staff Researchers

Sarah Battersby, risk mapping and risk cognition
Gregory J. Carbone, climate change and variability, climate impacts
Kirstin Dow, vulnerability and human dimensions of environmental change
Jean T. Ellis, coastal processes and hazards
Diansheng Guo, spatial and temporal patterns of terrorist activity
April L. Hiscox, toxic plume modeling and air quality warning systems
Michael E. Hodgson, geographic information science and hazards
L. Allan James, flood hazards and floodplain dynamics
John Kupfer, ecosystem responses to natural and anthropogenic disturbances
Jerry T. Mitchell, cultural dimensions of hazard response, , hazards education, hazards & tourism
Cary Mock, hurricanes and severe weather, historical climatology
Kevin Remington GIS applications to hazards

Affiliated Researchers

Juan Caicedo, Civil Engineering
Jan Eberth, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Csilla Farkas, Computer Science
Daniela Friedman, Public Health
Susan Kuo, Law
Tim Mousseau, Biology
Greg Niehaus, Moore School of Business
John Rose, Computer Science
Mark Smith, History
Andrea Tanner, Journalism
Lynn Weber, Psychology and Women and Gender Studies
Paul Ziehl, Civil Engineering

Non-USC Faculty Affiliates

Anton Bezuglov, Mathematics & Computer Sciences, Benedict College, Columbia, SC
Walter Piegorsch, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ