Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute (HVRI)


Current Students (2013 - 2014)

Doctoral Students

Kevin Ash Kevin Ash - Risk perception and communication, vulnerability, resilience

Christina Finch Christina Finch - Risk and vulnerability assessment methodologies

Robert Gottlieb Robert Gottlieb - Hazards, vulnerability, meteorology, GIS

Caglar Koylu Caglar Koylu - Spatio-temporal data modeling, visualization

Dan Morath Dan Morath - Long term recovery, risk and vulnerability assessment, GIS, public health and disasters

Ronnie Schumann Ronnie Schumann - Recovery, Resilience, Cultural Geography, Risk Perception


Masters Students

Dan Goff Dan Goff - Weather, Hazards

Cameron Horne Cameron Horne - Social vulnerability, inequalities

Julie Lam Julie Lam - Hazards, vulnerability

Khai Nguyen Khai Nguyen - Vulnerability, social inequalities

Rachel Reeves Rachel Reeves - Weather hazards, risk communication

Megan Wood Megan Wood - Hazard, Risk Perception

Megan Warner Megan Warner - School of Education



Bryan Bricker - Geography